New Reviews of Funny Tails Book

I’ve been remiss in posting anything new to my website: So sorry! While my book agent is working on my behalf to find a publisher for Funny Tails, I’ve been busily trying to find someone to translate my father’s biography (written and published in Finnish) so that my family can read it, at last. I think I’ve found a translator — who happens to be a long-lost relative as well!

But — back to Funny Tails: I just received several reviews of my book from some very successful authors. I’m astonished at how kind these people are, to agree to read and review a book (for free) by someone they’ve never heard of!

I’m posting the reviews I’ve received thus far (see below). I will also transfer them to my “Review” page.


“Pug-lovers rejoice! Funny Tails is one of the most intimate and beautiful portraits of the lovable “flat-faced, frog-eyed little urchins” to date. With an often comedic voice, Maija Harrington takes the reader on a journey through tragedy and difficulty, but ultimately on a journey of great triumph. This book is at once a deeply moving story of a family thrown off balance and a story of the power of the heart— whether human or canine—to prevail. I especially like that Maija discuses rescuing and fostering dogs.”

– Kay Pfaltz, author of Lauren’s Story: An American Dog in Paris and Flash’s Song: How One Small Dog Turned Into One Big Miracle.


Funny Tails is informative and well-written. It endears readers to the pug breed and inspires enthusiasm for adoption, especially of disabled pets. Any pet parent can relate to the tangles and turmoil Harrington experiences with her pups and the unconditional love that helps her heal as she battles a life-threatening illness. I give it two paws up!”

– Kyla Duffy, President, and author of Lost Souls: Found – Inspiring Stories of Pugs, and others in the series of Lost Souls: Found books.


“Maija Harrington’s Funny Tails: How Canine Comedy Helped Me Cope with Personal Tragedy is a delightful read for anyone who likes dogs. A feel-good book, it’s full of hilarious tales of how Harrington’s three flat-faced, frog-eyed pugs, and the many pugs she fosters for Pug Rescue of North Carolina, run rings around her as she learns to care for these dogs that she says are “without a doubt, without a snout.” It’s also a heartwarming, sometimes bittersweet memoir of how these little dogs help Harrington live – and love – despite a painful neurological disease that ends her career and is expected to end her life. Within her story, Harrington also teaches us about the unique needs of flat-faced dogs, as well as the special issues of rescued dogs, with or without snouts; and with her lighthearted, humorous writing style, we often don’t realize that she’s educating us.”

– Dr. Marty Becker, “America’s Veterinarian” on ABC-TV’s Good Morning show, and author of 22 books, including Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul.




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