Additional Reviews of Funny Tails

I’ve received two more reviews of  Funny Tails. I’ll add them to my “Reviews” page, but here they are for now:

The first one is by Dr. Elliot Engel, English professor and author of ten books, including Reigning Cats & Dogs: The Pets That Rule our Lives:

“Maija Harrington’s FUNNY TAILS had mine wagging from Page One.  Here’s a story with a double dose of inspiration:  from her valiant struggle to cope with an extremely serious central nervous system disorder to her loving and hilarious descriptions of her furry, four-legged coping mechanisms named Sarah, Harley, Duchess, and Bozo. When her physician tells her to get her affairs in order she certainly does–by beginning love affairs with a series of delightful pugs. Her story will definitely appeal to pug-lovers specifically, dog-lovers in general, and all lovers of just dog-gone great writing.”


The review below is by Hazel Carter, author of A Dog In A Million, My Life with Connie :

“This beautifully written book is about the author’s love of Pugs and her work with pug rescue. It also covers her own painful and life threatening disease and how it changed her life.

This book really is about the dogs. It covers the history of Pugs and explains why they have their present conformation and, sadly, associated health problems. There is lots of information about the character of these delightful little dogs

Maija’s dedication, care and love for her own and the foster pugs she has lived with, is apparent throughout the book. There are wonderful descriptions of their different temperaments, behaviour and games. There are also graphic descriptions of how she has had to deal with some of the more unpleasant health problems. However there are some very amusing descriptions of Maija’s unsuccessful attempts at dog training, as well as her successes.

There is an explanation of pug rescue and how it works, including some of the sad and difficult situations Maija has helped with. She also explains some of the reasons why people decide to re-home their dogs, in a sympathetic, non-judgmental way.

Early in the book Maija describes clearly and calmly how her painful, potentially fatal disease started that led to the end of her career and start of a new life. The battle with her horrendous medical issues, including painful treatments, continues all through the book; however it is the company and comfort of the dogs that help her over difficult times. After looking after her daughter’s pug, Florence, she decided to have her own pug that would be easy to handle with her ongoing medical condition. Sarah, an eleven month old puppy, joined the household which was the start of Maija’s commitment to Pugs.

Throughout the book Maija describes in detail what life is like with the family of pugs. This includes many humorous accounts of their antics. It is clear that Maija is dedicated to their daily care.

I would highly recommend this interesting and informative book to all dog lovers and particularly to anyone who is thinking of owning a pug. The book covers simply everything a potential owner should know about this breed including its delightful character and most importantly all the health problems from which Pugs can suffer.”



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