Xylitol Warning for Dogs!

Ch14-02 Sarah wants food

(Photo courtesy of Helena Ellis)

That’s our now-elderly pug Sarah, eagerly awaiting a treat. She especially likes a taste of something that she doesn’t get every day – such as a human food item. Most of us are aware that certain human foods such as chocolate, grapes and raisins, and onions are toxic for dogs. I recently learned that products containing the sweetener XYLITOL also are very dangerous for dogs. If a dog ingests a substance containing xylitol, it is an emergency! It’s necessary to contact a veterinarian, emergency veterinary service, or poison control center immediately.

Xylitol is an ingredient in many common items, including various brands of candies, gum, mints, peanut and nut butters, dental and nasal products, medications, vitamins, desserts, cookies, ice cream, yogurt, jams and syrups, condiments and sauces, water and drink powders, power and protein bars and powders, cosmetics and hair care products, and even some types of honey. When I first saw this list, I was horrified; it seemed to me that there was almost nothing that I could let our pugs taste! However, I found that MOST brands of these items do not contain xylitol. It’s critical to know which ones contain this sweetener.

Therefore, you may want to take a few minutes to review a full list individual items containing xylitol at http://www.preventivevet.com/xylitol-products-toxic-for-dogs. And share this information with others. You may save a dog’s life!


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