The Pug’s Coat

The American Kennel Club (AKC) breed standards state that the pug’s coat should be “smooth, soft, short and glossy.” But don’t let that short coat fool you into thinking that dog hair is not a problem with pugs. The AKC standards, of course, do not broadcast the fact that pugs are unlike other dogs who shed only once or twice a year. The truth is, as pug people like to say, “Pugs shed once a year, all year long.”

Without a doubt, one 15-pound Sarah can deposit more hairs in our house and on our clothes than any 70-pound long-haired Lassie ever could. (Multiply that by three, and you’ll have an idea of what our house usually looks like.)

Which one do you think sheds more? (Hint: It isn't the big one.)

Guess which one sheds more?
(Hint: It’s not the big one.)

With a shedding season that lasts only from January 1st through December 31st, pugs do not squander a minute of that precious time; they’re busily shedding every second. If I could weave the stuff, I could probably make new wall-to-wall carpeting for our house each year.

Pug hair tshirt

One of Bill’s tee-shirts says “Dog Hair Everywhere.”

We don’t go anywhere without it (the dog hair, not the shirt).

Also, contrary to the recommendations in dog care books, it seems to me that no amount of brushing ever diminishes the amount of hair that Sarah and her hairy housemates shed around the house (and on us). If other pug aficionados are like me, the majority of grooming time – at least for pugs who aren’t competing in dog shows – is taken up either by pushing a vacuum cleaner or by rolling masking tape over the dog hair that isn’t attached to a dog.

I try never to run out of lint rollers.

I try never to run out of lint rollers.

(Whoever invented those devices deserves every penny of the profits.)

Vacuum cleaner

(The most expensive grooming tool needed for pug care is a good vacuum cleaner.)

On the positive side, options are available to make it less obvious that Bill and I are wearing pug hair. With a fawn pug, it helps to avoid dark colored clothes, and with a black pug, to avoid light colored ones. The same goes for carpeting, furniture, bedspreads, and other items of household décor. All of ours are beige.

(Note the color-coordinated furniture the pugs are lying on.)

(Note the color-coordinated furniture and blanket Sarah & Harley are lying on.)

When we had just Sarah and Harley, we easily made our home colors match their fawn hair; but we screwed up royally when we added Duchess, a black pug.

Duch&Bill croppedOf course, we could have said “no” to adopting that black pug . . .

but that’s another story, for another time.


4 thoughts on “The Pug’s Coat

  1. Hey, I need that t-shirt, Maija — except I need it to say, “Cat Hair Everywhere!” Charlie doesn’t shed, but our 4 cats do, 🙂

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