If you have a dog, or if you know of an organization whose members may benefit from having an easily available, free resource for dogs’ health information, please read the following. (In the interest of full disclosure: I have not tested this site because a smart phone is required to access it.)

Promote Ask.Vet at your organization and on social media to increase adoptions and lower the chance of a returned animal. Adopters can ask any general health related questions anytime during the life of their pet:

  • Ask about potential medical conditions as a pet ages. What conditions is an older pet likely to get and what are the potential costs of managing those conditions?
  • Ask about dietary concerns: What is the best type of food to feed your pet?
  • Ask about vaccinations that will be needed during the life of your pet.
  • Ask about exercise: What is the ideal distance per week your pet should be walked? (With the Walk for a Dog app of course!)
  • Ask how best to introduce your new pet into a home with other pets.
  • Ask about flea & tick prevention



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