Choosing Pet Health Insurance

Pet health insurance can be helpful for pet parents. Veterinary medicine, like human medicine, has made considerable technological advancements, so vet bills can be higher than we plan for. You may want to ask your vet about specific insurance companies. In the meantime, here are some factors to consider. Several types of coverage are available, as described below.


Illness coverage is somewhat like human life insurance, in that the premiums increase as your pet ages: the older the pet, the higher the cost. Coverage may be limited to a specified set of illnesses. However, with certain types of coverage, you may be able to lock in a specific rate.

2-03 Lapsi Insurance costs less for a young pet, like this terrier puppy.

28-03 Sarah old The cost is more for an older pet, like this senior pug.


Vet care for accidents can be costly, making an already stressful situation even worse. Accident policies are the most common form of pet insurance, and are usually available regardless of the pet’s age.

Wellness Exams

Wellness insurance covers or subsidizes the costs of routine check-ups for your pet. Factors to consider include your financial situation, where you live, and what procedures your vet includes in wellness exams.

What to Look For When Choosing an Insurer:  Below are some criteria to consider when looking for companies with the most suitable range of services and features.

Customer Service

Filing insurance claims may be frustrating and stressful, so good customer service is very helpful. For example, what is required to file a claim? Can you email a claim? How quickly do representatives respond to claims or questions? How easy is it to navigate through the company’s website?

Coverage Guidelines

Look for a company that provides a no-nonsense guide to waiting periods, pre-existing conditions, treatment coverage, and types of insurance available.


Costs vary widely depending on your location and your pet’s needs. To determine the exact cost of a policy in advance, ask your vet to send each potential insurance provider a full copy of your pet’s medical records.

Ask how reimbursements and deductibles are structured, as these vary among providers. Ask as many questions as you need to get a full picture of how claims are handled.


Some providers try to make your experience with them as simple as possible. “Live chat” features and easy website navigation tools help make for a hassle-free experience. Other options may include cloud-based storage for pet medical records, appointment schedulers, mobile apps and online claims tracking.

Choosing Which Pet Insurance Is Right for You

To choose which plan is best for you and your furry friend, consider the above, as well as any other issues unique to your particular situation.

A helpful resource with reviews of various pet insurance plans is available at:

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3 thoughts on “Choosing Pet Health Insurance

  1. In England, the important thing is to ensure you have ‘lifetime cover’ for any illness that develops. We are glad young Nico is covered for all the work he’s had lately! Pip

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