studio shotMaija Harrington rarely has been without a dog since she was four years old, and she’s been providing foster care for dogs since the early 1990s. Her professional background was in nursing – which helped her as she learned to live with the pugs she tells you about in Funny Tails: How Canine Comedy Helped Me Cope with Personal Tragedy. Writing with a subtle, self-deprecating sense of humor, she brings you a series of funny, frantic, and sometimes heartbreaking scenes from daily life with her canine clan. She describes the dogs’ visages and behaviors so clearly that readers can see her pack of pugs.

Maija’s writing skills were honed in an academic career in which she authored over 40 educational and scientific articles in professional journals, and wrote innumerable other papers with an eye to making them understandable. She received numerous academic awards for her work. More recently, her article “Chipper Chopper,” about a foster pug in this book, was published in Pug Talk magazine; and seven educational articles based on “The Case of the Missing Snout” from this book, are appearing serially in the Pug Rescue of North Carolina Newsletter, distributed quarterly to her fellow pug rescuers.

Maija also is known for the high quality of her oral presentations. In the last ten years of her academic career, in addition to her duties as a popular teacher, she gave over 80 speeches at national venues. Recently she presented readings from different chapters of Funny Tails: How Canine Comedy Helped Me Cope with Personal Tragedy for three very appreciative audiences of nearly 100 people each time.

maija and all three dogs